The rise of nicotine alternatives nico chew

The Rise of Nicotine Alternatives

 We are proud to add Nico chew to the booming nicotine alternatives market. Nicotine alternatives are nicotine products that are smoke-free, tobacco-leaf free, and provide nicotine users with a different, and potentially less harmful delivery system, compared to smoking and vaping. Nicotine alternative products include but are not limited to: nicotine pouches, nicotine lozenges, nicotine gum, etc.

Over the last few years, nicotine alternatives have become increasingly popular in the United States.  Since Swedish Match’s hit product “Zyn'' was introduced to the United States in 2016 and has continuously risen in popularity since then. In 2021, Swedish Match reported that Zyn is available in 100,000 stores and that they will be producing 200 million tins by 2022. Moreover, Zyn is not the only product to see success in the budding nicotine alternative. Altria’s On! Pouches and RJ Reynold’s Velo products have also seen massive success in the last few years. This upward trend in popularity for nicotine pouches is no surprise, seeing that smokeless nicotine products saw a 73% rise in 2020 alone (Tobacco Business, 2020). These products are likely to see even more success in the coming years considering their trend.

The sudden popularity of nicotine pouches in the United States can be attributed to several reasons, but there is one that is more obvious than any others: a shift in the culture. With each passing day, there is more and more government regulation on nicotine/tobacco products that make it difficult for users to obtain the products they like most. The vaping industry has seen the bulk of this legislation recently, and it is not a stretch to assert that the nicotine alternative industry is picking up the slack. As more nicotine/tobacco products become unavailable to individuals, they are forced to switch to different products that are more accessible. However, as more and more nicotine users start to switch to less harmful nicotine products such as pouches, some individuals are finding that they do not particularly like the delivery system. Many pouch users report that nicotine pouches are indiscreet, uncomfortable in their mouths, attract judgement from others due to the aesthetic similarities to chewing tobacco, and that the sensation from pouches is too overwhelming. As a result, the goal of creating Nico chew was to provide users with a product that matched the advantages of nicotine pouches, but had less of the downsides mentioned above.

Consequently, although pouches have seen the bulk of success in the nicotine alternative market, there is plenty of room for other products that might aid in the overall goal of replacing smoking as the primary nicotine delivery system. Products like nicotine gum and lozenges are perfect to fit this gap in utilization. This is where Nico chew comes in. Unlike nicotine pouches, Nico chew is completely discreet. Our customers can chew it anywhere they like due to its close resemblance to traditional chewing gum. In addition, we made sure to create a product that does not overstimulate our users, but instead, allows them to extend more control over the nicotine sensation than other products in this space. Firstly, users can chew a half piece of gum instead of a whole piece, which leaves them with 2.5mg of nicotine instead of 5.In addition, we instruct our users to use Nico with a “chew + tuck” method. This method allows users to experience more control over the nicotine sensation, given that the “chew” step is what allows for the release of the nicotine, while the “tuck” step is where most of the nicotine absorption is taking place. If users are feeling a sensation that is too strong, they can chew more and experience minimal nicotine absorption, and vice versa.

So what actually is Nico chew? Nico chew is similar to nicotine gum, but reimagined to be better suited for nicotine users of the modern era. Firstly, Nico is the first plant-based nicotine product to hit the market. We use a 100% natural chicle from the Zapota tree in the Amazon rainforest as a gum base, compared to the synthetic gum bases our competitors use. We have found that this gum base provides a softer, and more pleasurable chew compared to other products on the market which aids nicely with nicotine absorption. In addition, Nico chew carries 5mg of nicotine per piece as opposed to the typical 4mg per piece, to help satisfy users who’s nicotine tolerances are higher than others. Furthermore, Nico chew is the first nicotine gum to be entirely tobacco-free. Nico chew utilizes a non-tobacco derived nicotine in order to provide our customers with a nicotine product that truly contains zero tobacco, unlike our competitors who claim their products are “tobacco-leaf free.”

All in all, the nicotine alternative market is helping to propel us toward a smoke-free world. We are proud to stand alongside the other products that are working towards this goal. Different products and nicotine delivery methods will undoubtedly attract different users, but we all stand united in our mission.